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Christmas Cats have become a tradition in the family for the few years. I am very impressed with how they are bringing out new show all the time.

Richard K. Dunlap

You can feel the time of Christmas even before Christmas with Christmas Cats.

Katherine S. James

I am thoroughly enjoying the user experience Christmas Cats provides and has become a ritual now.

Sara S. Sharp

I enjoy some family time and I like how some of these movies bring together all time every time.

Jerome S. Williams


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Top 10 Christmas Movies of All Time

Christmas Movies

   Christmas celebration is incomplete without a bucket list of movies that you can watch with your cousins and family. In this article we aim to elevate your festive spirit with a whole bunch of movies that you can’t just skip in Christmas. These are the evergreen Hollywood movie bonanza that will never ever fade! Read on and sort out your holiday season.

       1.Die Hard

Yes we keep the best for the end! Christmas is never complete without this series! Yes you have watched it times and again and it has not lost its essence still, is not it?

Have fun and have a merry Christmas!

  1. Brazil

If you are a bit into serious movies then this is a must pick for you!

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Enjoy the graphic presentations, storytelling and visuals in this fascinating animation movie. Watch it now or regret later!

  1. 1941

When it comes to movie list Steven Spilberg is the name that you can’t just avoid at any cost! This is a legendary comic movie by Spilberg.

  1. A Christmas Story

If you want to pick up a classic and watch with your grandparents then you can’t afford to skip this one! They will love this classic and you will be amazed to see its timelessness! Remember that the movie became a classic just at the instant of getting released! What else can we say!

  1. The Bishop’s Wife

Though it seems to be a grave and sombre movie from its title but it has always been one of the best traditional movies that cater to the Christmas spirit. The comic timing and magical moments are sure to enhance the vitality of your Christmas day in a blink! Especially the Christmas decorating scene in the movie is unforgettable.

  1. Elf

Elf is a pure comedy movie which is all time favourites for everyone. No matter whether you are hanging out with your friends or it’s a family time – this movie is sure to fill your house with cheers of laughter. If you haven’t already seen it, this is your time! It’s a must watch for everyone. Let Santa give you something more than just gifts this time!

  1. Gremlins

If you are into a bit dark scary movies then Gremlins is the perfect choice for you. Though there’s a little gruesome element unlike the earlier movie yet it has always been a favourite to the kids for its awesome scary moments.

  1. Miracle on 34th Street

Enhance and re experience those memories while watching this extra ordinary classic film released in 1947. You can also watch the coloured remake version. But let’s be honest to ourselves, no remake can beat the charm of the original black and white one. This is such a movie which you can enjoy with your family. That’s indeed a plus point when it comes to festive mood.

Christmas Movies

  1. A Christmas Carol

What’s Christmas without Mr. Dickens’s Christmas Carol! This 1951 movie adaptation of the famous book of Charles Dickens is a must watch for everyone – be it old or young.